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What is Recovery?

We would like to participate in a survey to give your input on what recovery is.

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FORMLL: Friends of Recovery, Morgan, Madison, Lawrence, Limestone, Cullman and Randolph counties.

A local chapter of:
   Alabama Voices for Recovery

We are a group of concerned individuals working to eliminate barriers to recovery from addiction. If you are in recovery, a family member or friend, substance abuse professional, or just have an interest in recovery FORMLL needs you!!

They are called Drunks...Druggies...Junkies...Crackheads...Meth Heads...Pill Heads...Pot Heads...

But they are ALSO called Daddy...Mommy...Husband...Wife...Brother...Sister...Son...Daughter...Friend...

Not A Crime

Our Mission:

Give a voice to people in recovery throughout the state

Help establish a legislative presence to educate policy makers about addiction and recovery

Help reduce the stigma associated with recovery by educating society on the dynamics of addiction

Pursue funding to increase the availability of treatment and prevention services

Quick Contact

Tel: 256-796-4490
Email: formll@msn.com

Contact us if:

You or someone you know or care about suffers from the disease of addiction

If you would like to help start a local chapter of Alabama Voices for Recovery

If you would like to join the advocacy efforts of FORMLL